Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to Custom Organize a Small Closet

So you've just moved in to your new home and want to set up your closet? But you don't have enough space because there's only so much space you'll get in the big city that you live in. Fret not. I have a couple of ideas that will fit all your clothes into the small space that is your closet. Read on...


Get rid of old clothes, clothes you don’t wear, clothes that don’t fit anymore and clothes with holes in them. Be like Steve Jobs and do away with decision fatigue by owning only the clothes you truly need. Throw away the damaged pieces. Box the rest of the items and label them as ‘Donate’ so that when it’s time to give them away, all you have to do is grab the box.                


Separate items of clothing into jackets, socks, tees, scarves, leggings, etc.

Segregate into zones

Out-of-season clothes and shoes can go either right above your closet on right at the bottom – basically anywhere you can’t easily reach because you can afford to have them out of sight and mind. You can place tops and skirts on a low rod placed horizontally in your closet, while an eye level rod can hold dresses. Jackets and suits can make their way right to the top rod of your closet.


Use lingerie drawer organizers for your undergarments. Hook up necklaces on a stylishly decorated corkboard. Put up pictures of shoes on the outside of shoe containers that’s the original box in which the shoes came. Use a wine rack as a purse organizer or just buy an organizer meant for the task. Make organizers such as the below first one do double duty by storing socks and handkerchiefs in them.

Hang up as many clothes as you can by type and color. Use multiple types of hangers depending on their use. For example, pant hangers, coat hangers, scarf hangers, belt hangers, (I love this House of Quirk one) etc. I bought the below pant hangers from Crawford market in Mumbai, but you can also get them online. Each rung can be opened up at the side, as you can see, making it easy to use these hangers for almost any purpose like I have.

Hair clips

Use soda can tabs to hook hangers together. Alternatively, buy hangers with notches in them. Plastic hangers will do for strappy tops and casual t-shirts. Hold slippery clothes in place by tying a rubber band on either side of the hanger like this. For heavier suits and jackets, wooden hangers will do the trick. Tie stoles and dupattas to hangers to save on space and see at a glance what you own. 
Fold clothes such as sweaters and workout clothes that will lose their shape if they’re hung.


Keep out-of-season clothes stored away. Same goes for special occasion pieces that you wear rarely. Types of storage include vacuum sealed space bags. Label each item.

Use an outfit-planning app such as Closet Space or Personal Closet to know at a glance what clothes, shoes and accessories you own. Remember that you're more likely to wear something if you can see it. Assess what you wear most and least and place them accordingly.

Make use of the door. Add over-the-door or normal hooks – they’re perfect for hanging up caps, belts and necklaces.

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