Thursday, March 10, 2016

3 Tips to Grow an Audience Before You Even Launch Your Service

So you have a bright idea for a start-up and can’t wait to tell your target audience about it – a task you think is best achieved via a spanking new website. You’d think that if you simply build it, they’ll come, but you couldn’t be more farther from the truth. Building a customer base takes time and patience. It doesn’t matter how great your site’s UI and web design, if no one knows it exists, your portal may as well be like the pop up at an exhibition stand that never got any traction because its owners were certain that their product was so awe-inspiring that word of mouth was enough. Maybe your target audience doesn’t even know they need your service yet and hence won’t go looking for it. But, if you tease and tantalize them with enough information, it will attract and engage them, and you’ll be on your way to converting them into frequent users of your service. Let’s look at ways by which you can do this way before you even have a product to show.

Build a database of followers

It’s important to build a database of faithful followers since this can be easily converted into end users. Begin by interacting with them on a social media platform such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest. Once you honed down on users relevant to your business, follow them and they’re very likely to follow you back. Comment on tweets and posts that somehow tie in to your business. Not only will this help build a rapport with your follower, it will also make you recognizable to their other followers, with whom you can also interact. Post updates about relevant topics being closely followed via hastags or use top performing keywords suggested by Google. Share links or content aimed at educating, entertaining, inspiring and informing followers and make them easily digestible for a short attention span audience (Infographics, quick videos, GIFs and short form articles are your friends here).

Create momentum

Take advantage of the unique tools offered on each platform such as the ability to post four images in one tweet. This will grab followers’ attention since visuals are easier on the eye than text. Create new content from old material by adapting written content for multiple platforms. E.g. Convert articles into videos and article snippets into images or combine articles into an e-book. Teasers and explainer videos will intrigue your audience to know more about your service. Give them a chance to leave questions or reel them in by giving away free trials.

Update frequently

Consistently post updates on your feed that are relevant, interesting and valuable to your end user. If you don’t have a team dedicated to marketing yet, you may not to be able to spare time for this so do it in batches. A tool called ‘Edgar’ not only allows you to recycle your best social updates but also schedule automatic updates providing you with a handy list of social media updates for future use. And if your content creation skills are not up to par or you don’t want to be distracted from your regular responsibilities, it need not be your own content either - curated content works just as well. ‘Meddle’ allows you to voice your opinion with the help of content that has already been created by industry experts.

Quick tips

  • Comments are usually observations or your experiences so these can easily be turned into posts themselves.
  • Interlink between social media channels for more clicks.
  • Decide the kind of tone you want to go with for each platform and stick to it.
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